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Hazim Numanagić, son of father Ibrahim and mother Bedrija, was born in 1960 in the city of Fojnica. His first steps in calligraphy were initiated by his father Ibrahim, who steered his drawing talent towards calligraphy. While obtaining his degree in Oriental studies at University of Sarajevo, he met Ešref Kovačević who was one of the greatest calligraphers in the former Yugoslavia, and who eventually became his teacher. Thus Hazim became linked to the chain of the Bosnian calligraphers, as Kovačević has been taught calligraphy by Imam Rizviћ, who obtained his calligraphy skills from Imam Behaj Sikirić. Imam Sikirić was taught calligraphy by his father, Imam Šakir Sikirić, who is Hazim's great-grandfather on the mothers side.

Numanagić obtained his bachelors degree in 1987, and independently (with the periodical help from Ešref Kovačević) improved his calligraphy knowledge and skill. His works were exhibited for the first time in 1991, jointly with Kovačević's works in Bosnian Cultural Centre in Sarajevo. The first independent exhibition of Numanagić's works, organized by Bosnian Cultural Society "Preporod", took place in Sarajevo in 1996. This exhibition was subsequently held in almost all larger cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla and so on). He also participated at the First World Festival of Islamic Calligraphy in Tehran, Iran, in 1997. Among 1,100 candidates, only 400 of them were selected to display their works at the final exhibition, and one of them was Hazim Numanagić with two of his works. Since then, Numanagić had various standalone and joint exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

Hazim Numanagić opened his calligraphy studio "Husni Hatt" (meaning "a beautiful writing" in Arabic) in Sarajevo, which is nowadays the only such studio in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Historically there used to be many such workshops and studios in Bosnia. However, the last one closed its doors at the beginning of 20th century.


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